MXH832 Transparent Host & Target Adapter

Gen3 x16 PCIe Transparent Host / Target Adapter

The MXH832 Gen3 x16 PCIe Transparent Host / Target Adapter is our high performance PCIe IO product. Based on Microchip Switchtec Gen3 PCI Express bridging architecture, the MXH832 Adapter includes advanced features for PCIe 3.1 transparent bridging and clock isolation. The MXH832 is compliant with the MXS824 24 port Gen3 PCIe switch.

  • One x16 PCIe edge port
  • Four x4 PCIe Cable ports
  • PCIe 3.0 or MiniSAS-HD cables
  • 170 nanoseconds cut through latency
  • Quad SFF-8644 Connectors
  • Host / Target Transparent Bridging
  • Low Profile Design
  • Optional board management software

Product Data

The MXH832 Gen3 Host/Target Adapter is our high performance transparent solution for connecting servers to external I/O subsystems. Based on Microchip® Gen3.1 PCI Express bridging architecture, the MXH832 adapter enables reliable transparent PCIe cable connections and clock isolation.

For high performance application, such as GPU farms, test and measurement equipment, medical equipment, and storage subsystem, the MXH832 delivers flexibility and performance with extremely high data quality. It combines 128 Gb/s performance with the low latency of PCI Express, which is ideal for external I/O Expansion systems.


The MXH832 card has a quad SFF-8644 cable connector and supports MiniSAS-HD cables as well as the new PCIe 3.0 cables. Using the MXH832 as both Host and Target, standard MiniSAS-HD cables enables basic transparent Host and Target operations including propagation of host reset signal to the downstream device.

The card also supports the new PCIe 3.0 cables and the new PCI-SIG CMI (Cable Management Interface ) protocol including WAKE functionality as defined in the current PCI-SIG External Cable specification 3.0. When the MXH832 is used in conjunction with the new PCI-SIG external PCIe 3.0 cables, it can connected to any compliant downstream device.

The MXH832 is carefully designed for maximum copper cable lengths. PCIe 3.0 Fiber optics extends this distance to 100 meters (please contact Dolphin for performance data). For maximum long distance fiber optic performance, please consider the MXH932. More info on cable for the MXH832 card.


The MXH832 uses an on-board DIP-Switch to select between Host and Target operations and to set other operational parameters. The adapter cable port can be configured as four x4, two x8 or one x16 PCIe connections.

eXpressWare Board Management Software

The MXH832 Adapter card comes with the optional eXpressWare Board Management software for simplified monitoring and management. The adapter also comes with optional support for SMbus and configuration via a Board Management Controller. For more information on Dolphin board management software visit here.

PCI Express NTB

The MXH832 card is a transparent product only. To utilize the Dolphin's PCIe NTB eXpressWare clustering software, you need to purchase the MXH830 PCIe Gen3 NTB adapter card.


  • PCI Express® 3.1 compliant - 8.0 Gbps per lane
  • Link compliant with Gen1 and Gen2 PCI Express
  • PCI Express 3.0 or MiniSAS-HD® cables
  • Quad SFF-8644 x4 Gen3 PCI Express NTB cable ports that can be configured as:
    • One - x16 PCI Express port
    • Two - x8 PCI Express ports
    • Four - x4 PCI Express ports
  • Host clock isolation support
  • Low profile PCI Express form factor
  • Dual EEPROM / Flash for safe custom system configuration
  • Link status LEDs through face plate

Please contact Dolphin for details and availability

Feature Description
Link Speeds 32 Gbit/s per port, total 128 Gbit/s
Cut through latency 170 nanoseconds
Active Components Microchip Switchtec® Gen3 PCI Express Switch
PCI Express® Base Specification 3.1
External Cabling Specification Spec 3.0

One x16 connection
Two x8 connections
Four x4 connections

Switch topologies using MXS824

Cable Port Quad SFF-8644 / Four x4 Gen3 Ports
Supported cables

PCIe 3.0 cables
MiniSAS-HD copper cables
PCIe 3.0 fiber optic cable (Limited performance, please contact Dolphin for performance data)

Power Consumption 12 Volt : Max 19.6 Watts
12 Volt : Max 24 Watts including AOC
+3.3 Volt: Not connected
+3.3 Volt AUX: Max 1 Watt
PCIe Bracket Full height plate mounted
Half height plate included
Mechanical Dimensions Low profile, Half length 168.2mm- (6.6 inches) x 69.2 mm (2.7 inches)
Operating Environment Operating Temperature: 0°C - 55°C (32°F - 131°F)
Air Flow : 150 LFM
Relative Humidity: 5% - 95% (non- condensing)
Software No software needed
Configuration DIP-Switch
Host / Target / x4, x8, x16 Link, EdgeClockSelect, safe boot
Regulatory approvals CE Mark
FCC Class A
RoHS compliant
UL94V-0 compliant
Operating Systems Basic operations - All
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