About Dolphin

Dolphin Interconnect Solutions products are used to connect multiple computers and IO systems together to create high performance computing platforms for demanding applications. Application clusters created using Dolphin’s interconnect products provide significant improvements in response time and transaction throughput than using alternative interconnect technologies.

Internet based data serving applications see dramatic performance improvements using Dolphin’s technology. For data service providers this means half the number of computers can support the same number of simultaneous users. This lowers their required investment per transaction. Additionally, ongoing operating costs in terms of power utilization, cooling, and space requirements are cut in half. These are compelling economic benefits.

Innspurten 15, Oslo, Norway  Dolphin company headquarters

Dolphin Interconnect is headquartered in Oslo, Norway. U.S. operations are located in New Hampshire. Dolphin maintains sales offices in Dallas, Los Angeles, San Diego, Boston, Oslo, Toulouse, and is represented internationally by a network of resellers, distributors and integrators.

Dolphin has deep experience in developing leading and innovative computer interconnect technology. Since the early 1990’s, the company has been instrumental in the development of many of the industry's most important standards including PCI, SCI, StarFabric, and PCI Express. Dolphin has supplied its interconnect products to major industry players including Siemens, Philips, Sony, Sun MicroSystems, Lexmark, Boeing, and Thales. A chronological overview of major events can be found here.

Dolphin launched its Dolphin Express Gen1 product line in 2007 specifically to address the dynamic and rapidly growing data serving market. Dolphin Express provides significant and sustainable advantages over the alternatives in multi-computer database applications. Dolphin Express is made up of a combination of Dolphin’s SuperSocket software and PCI Express based interconnect hardware. The SuperSocket software provides seamless integration into any existing application environment. The PCI Express based hardware brings advanced multi-computer capability to the mainstream PCI Express interconnect standard. Dolphin introduced in 2010 its first PCI Express Gen 2 products. The PCI Express Gen3 PX product line was introduced in 2015.

Dolphin’s established SCI and StarFabric product lines remain in demand and fully supported.

Dolphin’s products are available through a worldwide network of integrators/resellers and distributors that assist customers and users with acquiring, integrating and using Dolphin technology and products.