• Explore the Power
    of PCI Express
    Advanced PCI Express Network Solution
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  • Multi-Host Solutions
    Create a PCI Express Intelligent Network
    Support both transparent and non-transparent bridging applications
    Enables cabled or backplane PCI Express solutions that scale to multiple nodes
    Connect standard PCs, VPX or other embedded systems into a PCI Express network
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  • PCIe Advanced Software
    Complete Software Stack
    PCI Express Networks software with support for sockets,
    IPoPCIe, Peer to Peer tranfers, reflective memory, and shared memory
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    PCI Express Multi-cast
    Advanced PCIe Reflective memory solution
    Instantaneous and reliable data distribution
    Single source delivery to multiple end nodes
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Financial Applications

Reduce trading time with an ultra-low latency interconnect. Deliver data in 540 nanoseconds. Provide a highly reliable low latency fail-over mechanism for key applications.

Embedded Applications

Deploy industrial and military applications with a high speed reliable network. Deliver low latency performance real time applications such as simulation, test and measurement, high speed replication, and distributed video.

Enhanced Networking

Create local networks that take advantage of the performance of PCI Express. The high throughput and low latency of PCI Express enables fast data transfers of files and data for storage and system offload. Collect data faster and replicate data at high speeds.


Standard form factor hardware including HBAs and Switches


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