Dolphin offers a variety of solutions for different markets

Financial Applications

Financial applications will improve by reducing trading time with an ultra-low latency interconnect. Deliver data in sub-1 micro-second time while providing reliable low latency fail-over mechanism for key applications. Distribute feeds and news faster that traditional Ethernet networks with message passing 30% faster than 10Gb.

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Embedded Applications

PCI Express is a standard in embedded applications. Dolphin expands the use of PCI Express to connect multiple systems with ultra low latency. Graphics and storage data can be accessed with incredible speed, enabling new and powerful simulation, military and testing applications.

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Distributed Databases

Distributed database applications such as MySQL Cluster benefit from the low latency of PCI Express.

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Enhanced Messaging and Storage Applications

Dolphin's extremely low message latency across paired or switched systems provides for efficient messaging across a range of industry applications. High Performance Computing applications benefit for large block data moves at ultra low latency, allowing for faster and more efficient data movement. This benefit also applies for distributed storage applications that need high throughput and low latency.

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