Ultra Low Latency Trading

Use an Ultra-Low Latency network to improve your trading applications

High-Frequency Trading (HFT) firms require low-latency networking to execute arbitrage transactions and algorithmic trading with minimal delay. Dolphin implements a PCI Express Network to reduce application communication latency. Applications can utilize an ultra-low latency shared memory network to distribute trading data to multiple nodes.

This increases application performance in executing arbitrage transactions and processing algorithmic trading. Dolphin’s Ultra-Low-Latency Networking solution is engineered to mitigate latency by implementing advanced features in PCI Express non-transparent bridging such as, multicast, DMA and Programmed IO, to reduce latency to the lowest possible.

We provide vital software capabilities to enable fast and easy application migration and high availability. This gives you the benefits of a highly available network to meet strict SLA requirements, while delivering the performance of a private network solution. While HFT firms need the absolute lowest latency, outside of the HFT arena, other applications benefit from a PCI Express network. Dolphin networks are used to connect systems for high speed fail-over and high speed data access in databases. These technologies allow a level of agility and adaptability that enable low latency to affect other application level performance.

Easy to migrate to PCI Express

The Dolphin SuperSockets software for Linux and Windows provides a Berkeley sockets / Winsock2 compliant interface that typically reduce network latency to 1/10 of regular Ethernet latency without any application modifications. Advanced users may want to take advantage of the sub microsecond latency available using the SISCI - cluster shared memory API. The SISCI API offers direct access to remote memory, DMA, remote interrupts, FPGA/GPU PCI Express peer to peer communication and multicast.


Dolphin offers various levels of customer support, including installation and application migration support to 24/7/365 - 1 hour response time support for critical applications. Please contact Dolphin for more information.

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