PXH822 XMC Adapter

PCIe Gen3 XMC Host/Target Adapter

The Dolphin Express PXH822 XMC Adapter brings up to 128 GT/S connectivity and advanced connection features to embedded computers and carrier cards that support XMC mezzanine cards for standard IO expansion applications. The cards provides external connectivity with a Quad SFF-8644 connector and standard MiniSAS-HD or PCIe 3.0 cables.

  • x4, x8 or x16 PCI Express host port
  • Quad SFF-8644 cable port
  • VITA 42.0 XMC 1.0
  • Prepared for Rear IO
  • x4, x8 or x16 PCI Express cable port
  • Up to 9m Copper Cables
  • Up to 100m Fiber Cables
  • Transparent bridging
  • Up to 128 Gbit/s Performance
Scale out PCI Express with the MXS824

Product Data

The PXH822 XMC 1.0 x16 Gen3 PCI Express XMC adapter expand the capabilities of embedded systems by enabling very low overhead, high throughput cabled PCIe expansion.

The adapters quad SFF-8644 cable connector supports the new PCI SIG External Cabling Specification 3.0. enabling connections to compliant Dolphin products and third party PCI Express cabled systems. The adapters can act as either hosts or targets when connecting to expansion chassis. They work in conjunction with other Dolphin products such as the PXH832 or MXH832/MXH833 PCI Express host adapter with standard cables. Additional scalability to large expansion systems can be created using the MXS824 switch. More information on cables for the PXH822.

A DIP switch on the card determines if the card operates as a upstream or downstream cable adapter and some other operational options. The PXH822 runs without the need for special device drivers, while supporting standard PCI Express devices and drivers. The PXH822 is bundled with The Dolphin Transparent Board Management tools. for monitoring and firmware upgrades.

The PXH822 and PXH826 also supports system clock isolation, by isolating the system clock. Users benefit from improved signal quality, reliability, and cable distances.

The PXH822 comes with Vita 42 XMC 1.0 connectors suitable for PCI Express Gen1 and 2. This will also work well in some PCIe Gen3 environments. The XMC connector provides 12 mm stacking height when assembled on a carrier/CPU board configured for 10 mm stacking heights. A proprietary bezel design allows this configuration to work without modifications to the front panel.

If you would like to utilize the Dolphin eXpressWare stack for PCIe NTB based communication, you need to purchase the PXH820 adapter card.

The XMC card is also prepared for READ-IO. Please contact Dolphin for specifications, variants and ordering information.

Feature Description
Link Speed 32 GT/s per port, total 128 GT/s
Application Performance

130 nanoseconds cut through latency port to port

Active Components Broadcom / PLX Gen3 PCI Express Switch with DMA
PCI Express Specifications

Base Specification 3.0
External Cabling Specification 3.0

Vita Specifications, PXH822

VITA 42.0-2016
VITA 42.3-2014


Single expansion x16
Dual expansion x8
Quad expansion x4
Large scale out using one or more MXS824 PCIe switches

Cable Connections Quad SFF-8644 connectors
MiniSAS-HD copper copper cables, 0.5 - 9 meters
PCIe 3.0 cables
PCIe Fiber optic cable (AOC) support, up to 100 meters
Power Consumption TBD
Mechanical Dimensions TBD
Operating Environment Operating Temperature: 0°C - 55°C (32°F - 131°F)
Operating Temperature with AOC: 0°C - 45°C (32°F - 113°F)
Air Flow: 150 LFM

Relative Humidity: 5% - 95% (non- condensing)
Software Optional Board Management Software for Linux and Windows
Regulatory Compliance CE Mark
FCC Class A
RoHS compliant
UL94V-0 compliant
EMC Test Standards EN 55032:2012
EN 55035;2017
Operating System All

PXH820 - NTB + Transparent Host and Target adapter, VITA 42 connectors
PXH822 - Transparent Host and Target adapter, VITA 42 Connectors.

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