StarFabric Board / Evaluation Products

Alert: This product is End of Life

Dolphin offers a number of Product Development Kits and board products for StarFabric components. The Product Development Kits provide example implementations and design tools for prototyping and evaluating StarFabric based systems and developing new StarFabric board level products. Dolphin’s board products provide a turnkey approach to implementing StarFabric products.

The Product Development Kits include a reference board, along with software binaries, source code, and documentation, to provide a robust environment for both evaluation and development.

StarFabric reference boards support many StarFabric features such as Bridge and Gateway mode operation, legacy address routing, and classes of service. System topologies can be built using SG2010 reference boards alone or in conjunction with the SG1010 StarFabric Switch reference boards. Simple topologies can be built to connect multiple chassis together, or to create larger redundant fabrics to evaluate high availability features.

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Product Development Kits

Product Ordering code Description Documentation
PK2PCI64 64bit/66MHz PCI Product Development Kit PDF
PK1SWPED-B 6 Port StarFabric Switch Product Development Kit PDF
PK1SWPED-C 16 Port StarFabric Switch Product Development Kit PDF
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