Dolphin Express SCI Adapter Cards

Dolphin introduced the first SCI product line in 1992. SCI products are still supported under a valid maintenance and support contract.

The SCI hardware products were generally EOL'ed in 2012. We still have some new products in inventory that will be sold on a first come, first served priority. Repair and refurbished units are also available. Please contact Dolphin for more information.

New projects are strongly recommended to migrate to the new Dolphin Express IX product family. The Dolphin software enables an easy migration to new and faster PCI Express based products.

Dolphin provides a variety of SCI adapter cards in different form factors to support embedded and enterprise applications.  These cards are designed to support different topologies from simple ring topologies to 2D torus topologies. 

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SCI Adapter Cards

Product Description Documentation
D35x Series PCI Express SCI Adapter card Details for PCIe-SCI Adapters
D331 PCI - SCI Adapter Card Details for PCI-SCI Adapter
D352, D334 and D346 High-Performance Parallel Clustering Solution
Details for Parallel Computing Offerings
D333 PMC - SCI Adapter Card Details for PMC-SCI Adapter
D707 / D706 SCI Cables 0.3 - 7.5 meter Contact Dolphin for details and availability

Please contact Dolphin ( for more information on availability of products and support.

Access software and documentation for Dolphin's SCI products
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