Chapter 4. Initial Installation

Table of Contents

1. Installation Overview
2. Software Download
3. Installing eXpressWare on the development system
4. Creating an eXpressWare enabled VxWorks kernel
4.1. Edit kernel configurations
4.2. Adding core eXpressWare components
4.3. Automatic NodeId configuration
4.4. Adding eXpressWare demo Applications
4.5. Building the new Kernel Images
4.6. Booting the new kernel
5. Configuring the Cluster Nodes
6. Verifying the installation

This chapter guides you through the initial hardware and software installation of eXpressWare for VxWorks. This means that no Dolphin software is installed on the Cluster Nodes or the Cluster Management Node prior to these instructions.

The recommended installation procedure, which is described in this chapter, uses the VxWorks Windows installer image *.msi distribution of the Dolphin PCI Express software stack.