Chapter 3. Requirements and Planning

Table of Contents

1. Supported Platforms
1.1. Application recommendations
1.2. Supported Platforms
1.3. Recommended Cluster Node Hardware
2. Software Support
2.1. Linux
2.2. Windows
2.3. VxWorks
2.4. RTX
3. Interconnect Planning
3.1. Nodes to Equip with PCI Express Interconnect
4. Dolphin PX Interconnect Topology
4.1. Dolphin PXH810 NTB host adapter card
4.2. Dolphin PXH830 NTB host adapter card
5. Physical Node Placement

Before you deploy a PCI Express cluster solution by either adding it to an existing system, or by planning it into a new system, some considerations on selection of products and the physical setup are necessary.