Appendix A. Self-Installing Archive (SIA) Reference

Table of Contents

1. SIA Operating Modes
1.1. Full Cluster Installation
1.2. Heterogeneous Cluster Installation
1.3. Node Installation
1.4. Cluster Management Node Installation
1.5. Installation of Configuration File Editor
1.6. Building RPM Packages Only
1.7. Extraction of Source Archive
2. SIA Options
2.1. Node Specification
2.2. Installation Path Specification
2.3. Installing from Binary RPMs
2.4. Enforce Installation
2.5. Configuration File Specification
2.6. PCIe Link width
2.7. SISCI
2.8. SISCI Development package
2.9. eXpressWare CUDA® integration
2.10. eXpressWare Transparent Board Management
2.11. eXpressWare SmartIO
2.12. SuperSockets
2.13. Batch Mode
2.14. Non-GUI Build Mode
2.15. Software Removal

Dolphin provides the eXpressWare software stack as a self-installing archive (SIA). This is a single file that contains binaries, source code as well as a setup script that can perform various operations, i.e. compiling, installing and testing the required software on all Cluster Nodes and the Cluster Management Node. A short usage information will be displayed when calling the SIA archive with the --help option. The complete list of options are available with the --help-verbose option.

The SIA will generate a log file during the installation process. This file will be placed in the current directory.