1. Dolphin Adapter card firmware upgrade.

This chapter documents the proper way to upgrade a Dolphin PCI Express IXH adapter card (IXH610, IXH611, IXH620).

If you your IXH adapter is configured for transparent operation, you need to enable NTB operation to perform the firmware upgrade. Please refer to the users guide for your adapter for more information. Please remember to enable transparent operation after the firmware upgrade.

The Dolphin eXpressWare driver package for your installed card must be installed and running in order to upgrade the firmware.

To upgrade the adapter PCIe configuration data under Windows - Just execute the upgrade_eeprom command found in the util directory:

	C:\Program Files\Dolphin Express IX\Util\upgrade_eeprom


After the upgrade has completed, it is required to power cycle the system to apply the changes. The new firmware is loaded when the machine powers up.