8. Supported OEM hardware

eXpressWare supports various types on OEM systems based on IDT, Broadcom or Microsemi PCIe switches. Below is a list of the publicly supported systems.

8.1. Curtiss-Wright SBCs and switches

eXpressWare supports a wide range of Curtiss-Wright Single Board Computers (SBCs) and Digital Signal Processor (DSP) modules. Supported Curtiss-Wright modules include:

  • VPX3-1258

  • VPX3-1259

  • VPX3-1260

  • VPX3-1220

  • VPX3-482 (Champ XD1)

  • XMC-121

  • VPX3-133

The software also support the following VPX PCIe switch modules. Please check the release note for valid combinations of switches and SBCs.

  • ELMA T4410a


Please contact Curtiss-Wright for more information. Please note that Dolphins standard eXpressWare download does not support the Curtiss-Wright modules. Contact Curtiss-Wright to obtain the eXpressWare software.

8.2. Keysight PXIe Controllers

eXpressWare supports the following Keysight controllers in combination with the PXH810 PCIe card and IXS600 switch.

  • M9037A

  • M9537A

Please note that running the eXpressWare software on these controllers requires the installation of a special eXpressWare license key. Please contact your Keysight sales representative to buy the PVH801Lic license. Please follow the instructions in ??? to install the eXpressWare License.